The Next-Gen Histology Tissue Processor

Improve Tissue Processing

The new B-PRO450 is a fully programmable, closed-loop, automatic histology processor suitable for processing histological samples.

Evolve histology labs with this innovative tissue processor

The new B-PRO450 is a fully programmable, closed-loop, automatic tissue processor suitable for processing histological samples.

Designed with advanced technology and equipped with unique features, it guarantees maximum operator safety and a high level of standardization according to the new IVDR. Both routine and fast processing are available.

All in one system with pre-filled reagent tanks that guarantees the complete traceability of the samples.

IVDR Certified Protocols
tanks with RFID technology
Hours for processing small biopsies

Why B-PRO 450 is unique?

IVD-R certified

Fully IVDR certified system (leading approach) for the quality standardization in the pre-analytical phase

Safety protocols​

Not a safety reagent, but a resolutive algorithm: integrated APC (automated process completion) system as warranty of the process completion

RFID technology

Pre-filled tanks with RFID technology ( for the user safety and the complete traceability)

Routine efficient

Process efficiently different kind of samples with a single protocol

Fast processing for biopsies​

Pre-heating reagent system to allow fast processing of each biopsies (even fat ones, e.g. 1 mm biopsy in 2 hours)

Technical assistance​

Remote control for technical assistance by integrated router


Why B-PRO 450 is unique?

IVD-R certified

Completely IVD-R certified Tissue Processor System (the first one), with certified quality standard protocols

Safety protocols​

Not “magic” safety reagent

RFID technology

15 pre-filled 5 liters tanks with RFID technology (for the user safety and the protocol flexibility)

Carbon filter tanks​

User-friendly carbon filter tanks (substitution don’t require technical assistance) to absorb toxic fumes of reagents and bad smells

Fast processing of each biopsies​

Pre-heating reagent system, with Enhanced Heat Exchanger (EHE) technology, to allow fast processing of each biopsies (even fat ones, e.g. 1 mm biopsies in 2 hours)

Technical assistance​

Remote control for technical assistance by integrated router

BPRO450 Technology

Safety of the Operators
and Specimens

The process program fields are:

Efficient Sample Dehydration

A gradual increase in the alcohol concentration during the samples dehydration helps to efficiently remove the water content. The alcoholic scale also avoid shocks caused by the fast increase of alcohol concentration and is particularly successful to dehydrate all kind of tissues.

Safe paraffin draining

A safe disposal of the paraffin is allowed by an early discharge of the reagent before the end of the process in order to avoid burn injuries.

Reverse Tissue Processing

A specific function allows to come back to the initial conditions of the tissue in case of emergency through the simple selection of a reverse protocol.

Waste fumes filtration

User-friendly carbon filter tanks adsorb waste fumes of reagents. The easy, fast and safe substitution avoid the stop of the activities for a broad time lapse.

Progressive chamber emptying

A gradual draining of the chamber helps the user to avoid draining effects during the transport of the samples out of the tissue processor.


Advanced technologies

Optical sensors

The presence of 3 optical sensors inside the processing chamber allows the partial loading of the reagents. An additional sensor has a function to detect the overflow of the processing chamber

Electronic valves

Independent electronic valves for each tank: an efficient setup to eliminate the risk of downtimes.

Pre-heating reagent technology

Through the preliminary heating of the reagents the efficiency of the biopsy fast processing is increased.

RFID technology

An RFID-based technology helps to have a full treaceability


Structure of B-PRO 450

Processing chamber

Panel PC touch screen 15”

Locking/unlocking lever

3 Paraffin chambers

RFID tank code reader

USB port

EWD Paraffin


P1-P2 Wash Reagents

Reagents tank

Condensate and carbon tank compartment (Rear)

Carbon filter

Software features

Software technologies

Full remote support

Full remote support for each instrument installed with an integrated Router. 3 different modes: LAN interface, WI-FI interface, Sim Data


Traceability of processed samples (by connecting to the LIS)

PLC automation

PLC, the computer is used for industrial automation which controls the digital and analog signals, coming from the sensors present in the instrument, they can always be updated over time


Structure Details

Paraffin Tanks

In the tissue processor the paraffins are contained within three cylinders placed in a heated module at the rear of the instrument. The normal cylinder fill level is 4.4 litres. The minimum and maximum levels are indicated respectively by two engravings located inside each cylinder

Level sensors

The SPC chamber is equipped with 4 optical level sensors, which allow you to control the reagent level during the process and carry out partial loading of the reagent. The first three sensors present in the chamber (starting from the bottom) are to monitor the quantity of reagent present in the chamber, while the upper sensor prevents excessive filling of the chamber in case of malfunctions, acting as a safety sensor


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